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  • IMAGin - WW 100 Pro

    Highly conformable high tack white gloss soft PVC film, 55 µm specially designed for outdoor application on difficults surfaces (bricks, stones, concrete, etc) - Fire certification M1

    Polymeric PVC, 3-4 year(s)

  • IMAGin - WW 200

    White matt semi rigid calendered PVC film 150 µm removable and repositionable for indoor application only. Overlaminate not recommended

    Monomeric PVC, 1 year(s)

  • IMAGin - WW 300

    White matt soft calendered PVC film 100 µm especially designed for medium term indoor or outdoor on difficult substrates - Fire certification M1

    Monomeric PVC, 4 year(s)

  • IMAGin - WW 309

    White gloss vinyl, 100 µm, high tack permanent opaque solvent acrylic adhesive

    Monomeric PVC, 4 year(s)

  • WW Canvas

    White matt textured PVC 250 µm, with a canvas texture for indoor wall decoration

    PVC, 1 year(s)

  • WW Leather

    White PVC film textured Leather 250 µm with a High Tack permanent adhesive

    PVC, 1 year(s)

  • WW Veneziano

    White matt textured PVC 300 µm, with a brushed organic texture for indoor wall decoration

    PVC, 1 year(s)